Meetings for 2021 - 2022
Committee and RehearsalLodge MeetingLodge of InstructionEvents
Monday 11th. OctoberWednesday 13th. October
Passing Ceremony
Wednesday 6th. October
Monday 8th. NovemberWednesday 10th. November
Passing Ceremony
Wednesday 3rd. November
Monday 6th. DecemberWednesday 8th. December
Business to be decided
Wednesday 1st. DecemberFriday 17th. December - Lodge Christmas Party
Monday 10th. JanuaryWednesday 12th. January - Scottish Night
50 years certificate W Bro Keith Arnold
Wednesday 5th. JanuaryScottish Night Festive Board
Monday 7th. FebruaryWednesday 9th. FebruaryWednesday 2nd. FebruaryValentine Sunday Lunch 13th. February - Joint Lodge and Shakespeare Chapter
Monday 7th. MarchWednesday 9th. March - Installation
Installation Night
Wednesday 2nd. March
Monday 11th. AprilWednesday 13th. April - Chipping Campden
Either Passing or Raising Ceremony - to be decided
Wednesday 6th. AprilIntervisitation evening with Chipping Campden Lodge
Lodge Summer RecessLodge Summer RecessWednesday 4th. May
Lodge Summer RecessLodge Summer RecessWednesday 1st. June