Lodge of Warwick 8011

The Lodge of Instruction

Our Lodge holds a voluntary informal learning and practice class once a month, at Alderson House, on the 1st. Wednesday of the month, except for the months of August and December.  This is known as the Lodge of Instruction.  Held under the guidance of some very experienced senior members of the Lodge, called Preceptors, the aim is to mirror a Lodge meeting, but in a much more informal way and setting.  Thus giving new and less experienced members the opportunity to practice what we do and learn what is expected of them, whilst being able to ask questions about the why, the where, the when and the how, which they are not able to do in the more formal setting of a regular Lodge meeting.  It is also very useful for getting used to the conduct and etiquette involved.  We try to do so with some humour added in to aid relaxation and have a lot of fun!

Generally taking about an hour to an hour and a half we then adjourn to the bar for more interaction.  This part is not obligatory!

The Lodge of Instruction affords the chance for getting to know newer members more quickly and helps even up the gap in years sometimes between older and younger members, avoiding a “them and us” divide within the Lodge.

Once a year, usually in early September, the class has the opportunity of showing off what they have learned to all members of the Lodge and indeed visitors from other Lodges, when we hold the Lodge of Instruction Festival Supper.  Whilst keeping to the informality of not dressing in our Masonic regalia, we hold a proper full meeting with a dinner afterwards, with all members of the class taking part and raising an additional collection for our charities.

This class also has the opportunity of visiting other Lodges classes, which we encourage, as it fosters friendship and development, whilst showing them that what we all do is basically the same, each Lodge has its own variations.  All part of the fun!